Andrew Vrbas of Pacha Soap - Getting the Dirt on Conscious Capitalism

CPG Troublemakers

Mar 9 2023 • 39 mins

Andrew Vrbas is the Co-founder and CEO of Pacha Soap Co., a conscious capital company producing handcrafted, artisanal products that enhance well-being and captivate the senses. Andrew was inspired to start a purpose-driven organization when multimillion-dollar companies began donating proceeds of their profits to underdeveloped countries. Pacha Soap Co. headquarters is in Hastings, Nebraska, with more than 40 employees. The company distributes products in South America and East Africa.

In this episode...

Most mornings start with a hot shower. The routine is a privilege some Americans may take for granted. The fact is, many people outside the US are unable to start their days with a bath or shower because they don’t have access to clean running water and hygiene products due to poverty.

The lack of clean water and soap is what business leader Andrew Vrbas noticed during his visits to Peru as a kid and as a student studying abroad. It broke Andrew’s heart to witness that kind of poverty and sought a way to be part of the solution. So he set out to open a soap shop in the small Peruvian town that had become so near and dear to his heart.

In this episode of the CPG Troublemakers, join host Steve Gaither, as he chats with the Co-founder and CEO of Pacha Soap Co., Andrew Vrbas. Andrew discusses ethical capitalism, including the inspiration for creating Pacha Soap Co., how the brand grew from a small soap shop into an international consumer good, the future of Pacha Soap Co., and more.