Inside The Media Marketing Engine With Francis Mac Dermot

Tech Powered Luxury

Jan 2 2023 • 45 mins

In the defense of the space between local retailers and campaigns, paid social and social ads, meta ads and customised ads, GladCloud was born as a social media marketing force. A resilient player in the Web3 space, GladCloud aligns the visions of the brand with high-scale marketing strategies that empower, integrate and streamline the flow of digital advertising. Director of global operations of GladCloud, Francis Mac Dermot, drives this hyper-local transition, stimulated by an operational infrastructure for the brands to outgrow their presence, local and beyond.

Ahead in this frontier, Francis speaks to Ashley about eliminating communication barriers to fosters a secure space, empowering brands with AI driven solutions and constructing advocacy for luxury brands in local boutiques, in this exclusive conversation.

This podcast is sponsored by Seabody, a Kerry-based tech-powered Beauty & Wellness brand.

Tech Powered Luxury's social campaigns are powered by GladCloud, an AI-driven social marketing platform.

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