The Dawn of Irish Beauty by Seabody's Helena McMahon

Tech Powered Luxury

Nov 21 2022 • 35 mins

Helena McMahon’s skincare brand Seabody, sprouted in the marine momentum to ignite the latent role of seaweed. Morphing the magic from Irish coastlines to design a holistic wellness and luxury beauty brand, Helena formulates sustainability with peerless use of biotech, science and ocean power. Carbon negative with circular economy at the forefront, Helena fortifies her position as Director of Ireland's Center in Carbon, Climate and Community Action.

Unfold the visceral feeling of pursuing ocean plant enriched wellness, examine the prowess of biotech and what it is to be at the helm of Ireland’s uncharted beauty territory with Ashley McDonnell and Helena McMahon.

This podcast is sponsored by Seabody, a Kerry-based tech-powered Beauty & Wellness brand.

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