Talia Zoref: A Symphony of Art and Fashion

Tech Powered Luxury

Apr 10 2023 • 43 mins

From Tel Aviv, Israel, Talia Zoref, a titan of fashion starts a poetic conversation between art and web3, business and fashion, veering to find the beauty in digital world.Talia's metaverse fashion community, goes by the name 'Eyes on Fashion' is an NFT collection curated by Talia, where independent artists nurture and transport their designs from Web2 to Web3. Collateral to her charged love for fashion illustration and blogging, Talia started by sketching celebrities Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid, illustrating in fashion shows including Chanel and Fendi, alongside getting her art represented in top fashion magazines, Vogue and Ellle. The artistic journey for Talia, is a part of the progress- interpretations free from inhibitions, unlocking the segue to understand the creative from the business, achieving the staccato in art to sharply segregate the persuasion of passion from the industry.

Talia joins Ashley to discuss the beginnings of oeuvre d'art in Web3, signifying her innate love to constantly reinvent herself, real time connections with people, as Talia ruminates, 'your network is your networth.' Listen to the journey of art, a cluster of collaborations and a liberating path to learn everyday.

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