Learn to be thankful for what you already have while you pursue what you want

The Vision to Victorious Podcast

Nov 21 2018 • 9 mins

Learn to be thankful for what you already have while you pursue all that you want. I am overcome with an attitude of gratitude as we enter the Thanksgiving holiday. Learn how to carry the spirit of thanks throughout the year.

Sometimes people get so caught up in pursuing the dream and chasing the vision that we lose sight of how far we’ve already come. When I think back to my first job out of high school, I was a bank teller making 10 dollars an hour. Even though my husband and I didn’t make much at the time, we were living our best lives. We were surrounded by family and we were happy. Now, when we look back we wonder how we did it.

As we grew and our income grew, our interests grew. We wanted more and desired more. Once you achieve a certain level, the desire to go to the next level naturally comes. It’s important that as we grow and evolve through different stages, in all areas of our lives, that we don’t forget where we come from. In those moments when we forget, we lose appreciation for where we are. Without what we’ve been through we wouldn’t be who, what and where we are today. Without your struggles, you wouldn’t know your strengths.

Learn more about having an attitude of gratitude, maintaining a sense of where you come from and being thankful for where you are in your journey in this episode of The Vision to Victorious Podcast.

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