Mind of a businessman, soul of a hustler

The Vision to Victorious Podcast

Nov 29 2018 • 13 mins

Many people see the hustler as the person who will do whatever it takes to make a dollar, no matter how shady or grimy the actions or means it takes to achieve or receive that dollar. Initially I was associating negative thoughts with the hustler. I thought of them as someone who is always working and on the move, doing whatever it takes at all costs to make money. There is a stereotype that they don’t care about you as a customer, as long as they have your money.

There are so many artists that start out hustling and then become a business. Most people who are successful as a businessman are partially successful due to their hustler spirit. I think you need some hustle along with the business side. You need a hustler spirit with a business mindset. There has to be a balance between both aspects.

For those who are naturally business oriented, you may need some coaching or assistance in the hustle. If you are a natural born hustler, you may need a business coach to help you focus, prioritize and automate in your business. It’s about finding someone who has strengths to compensate for your weaknesses. You can be a business person who doesn’t really have a business or you can be a hustler who constantly has to be delivering because you don’t have any systems in place. Where are the gaps that need to be filled so you can take your business to the next level? I encourage you to be real with yourself.