25: Everyday Things Improve With Energy Healing

Empath | Intuitive | Heart-Driven Podcast

Feb 20 2022 • 54 mins

Energy healing is a means to raise your vibe.

I make "soul-care" a daily practice.

Showing up to what's up (thank you Gabby Bernstein for this mantra that I live by) is also a daily torch I shine on my patterns and thoughts...

DIY energy management is solid! There are so many episodes in the Empath | Intuitive | Heart-Driven bank to help you with ways you can DIY your vibrational shifts....

However, I've found professional Energy Healing is a catapult into the higher vibrational states, which help you to live life with greater peace and ease.

It may not "make-life-easier" situationally, but you absolutely have the power, courage and clarity to do things that you previously felt impossible. Feel calmer in the moments that would normally trip you up. Even (as the episode describes) make healthier choices, clean yourself up and shine bright!

You don't need to be going through the trenches of life to seek energetic help. Regular attention to your etheric needs can simply up-level your life even further!

I'd love to know the ways Energy Healing has helped you in subtle ways, if you're a seasoned go-getter! DM me!

If you're curious about the ways healings make your everyday life better... listen on!

As always - much love and healing from me to you.

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