22: The Empowered Empath

Empath | Intuitive | Heart-Driven Podcast

Nov 30 2021 • 51 mins

Todays episode is a live talk that I gave in the amazing Kasia Bourke's "Earth School" program.

Kasia Bourke is an incredible light beam that I recommend you follow as well as checking out her amazing podcast: "Soul-Led, Spirit Driven".

Check out all her things here: https://www.kasiabourke.com/

But for us, the talk centred around being an EMPOWERED Empath.

I share the 101 basics, and a little bit of my story, however this episode urges you to honour your needs - always!

Where empathic gifts can be seen as weaknesses, I ask you to flip that and realise you 'work with energy', so work it to your favour!

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