21: The Energy & Wisdom in Card Reading

Empath | Intuitive | Heart-Driven Podcast

Nov 22 2021 • 48 mins

Card readings are my thing! While I read cards professionally and adore it, it's a practice I've done personally forever. Pull myself a 'card-off-the-day'. In todays episode, we're discussing what card reading really does = it shows us the ENERGY within our life/situation. The energy affecting or assisting the situation we're reading about. I don't subscribe the the fact that cards tell our future, because there is a multi-line of possibilities, based on our vibration.  Your guides are keen to show you how you can navigate your way through challenges + describe the energies to adopt that make life easier! I discuss the difference between Oracle & Tarot cards, especially highlighting how there's nothing to fear from Tarot.  And I list some examples of the energies and guidance that comes through in readings that is purely gifted to HELP us.  You will never be guided with information that disempowers you! Enjoy - because this is one of my FAVOURITE topics! ••• If you love this episode, please subscribe! ______________________________________ Find me at: www.meaganjean.com ○ https://www.facebook.com/msmeaganjean ○ https://www.instagram.com/msmeaganjean/ Join my free Facebook group too, dedicated to this podcast and beautiful, sensitive, empathic and intuitive YOU ❤ https://www.facebook.com/groups/231505079108137/