The People Pleaser's Predicament and How to Shift It!

The Self Worth Solution by Nicole Denise

May 19 2022 • 22 mins

Having the courage to live life as your most authentic self demands that you be vulnerable to the truth that you won't be able to please everybody.
I used to challenge this notion, certain that I was going to be the exception to this rule. I spent years of my life, sacrificing my own priorities and needs in order to be liked by others and feel valued.
I not only failed to succeed at pleasing everyone else, but I was also the most miserable. I was becoming full of resentment on a highway to burnout, over and over again.
If you could use some support on how to shift this dynamic in your own life, tune in to this week's episode for some coaching and empowerment to help you let go of the habits that keep you stuck as a people pleaser!