The Disconnection: Diet Mentality vs. Ditch-the-Diet Methodology

The Self Worth Solution by Nicole Denise

Apr 29 2021 • 19 mins

If you are anti-diet culture or an anti-dieter or sick to death of the life being sucked out of you by the unending pressure there is for women to be on a diet, this episode is for you!
In the episode, I talk about the gap that exists between diet mentality (diet culture) vs. the ditch-the-diet methodology.
I talk about two of the  harmful  distortions upholding diet mentality:
1. the assumption that every BODY can lose weight through monitoring their food intake and exercising.
2.the expectation that every BODY should be thin and if the body is not thin, it is unhealthy and worth less than thin bodies. It’s of less value in society.
Please tune in if you could use some compassionate attention for yourself today. I'm sharing what I've learned from being trapped in that gap that will exist for as long as thinness is glorified in our culture. Only we can get ourselves free!