Growth Goals: One Thing That Brings You Joy

Growth and Goals Podcast

Jan 29 2024 • 20 mins

It's 2024! We're kicking off this year with a 5 week series where each episode will be a deep dive on one of the Growth Goals. Growth Goals are the 5 things you should do every single day to show up as the best version of you and achieve your goals, for more info on them check out episode 25. But today's episode we're dicussing the Growth Goal, one thing that brings you joy!

This Growth Goal is so important to me because I feel like our own joy is often something that gets put on the back burner, but we deserve to live happy lives so I want to challenge you to create small moments of joy for yourself every single day. We are responsible for our own happiness so it is up to you to create daily joy for yourself.

Now obviously I can't tell you exactly what to do to be happy, so this episode is full of tips and exercises you can do to try and figure out what you can do to create joy; as well as, some research backed, science backed things that have been proven to increase happiness, but joy looks different for everybody, do what works for you.

I am so sad to see this series ending because I have loved it, I hope you have too. If you haven't already make sure and check out all the episodes from this month!

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