Growth Goals: One Thing For Your Physical Health

Growth and Goals Podcast

Jan 8 2024 • 18 mins

It's 2024! We're kicking off this year with a 5 week series where each episode will be a deep dive on one of the Growth Goals. Growth Goals are the 5 things you should do every single day to show up as the best version of you and achieve your goals, for more info on them check out episode 25. But today's episode we're dicussing the Growth Goal, one thing for your physical health.

We all know there are so many benefits to taking care of our physical health. And this episode isn't to say you need to be a size two or be able to run a marathon, Lord knows I don't fall into either of those categories. It's about taking care of our bodies so that we can in turn show up for ourselves and others.

In today's episode I break down how you can take small, incremental steps each day to start improving your health and actually change your lifestyle by developing healthier habits.

Make sure to come back every Monday this month for a deep dive on a new Growth Goal and I hope you all had a great first day of 2024, this is going to be our year!