Being The Single Friend

Growth and Goals Podcast

Oct 16 2023 • 18 mins

I am in my late twenties so I am at a point in my life where my friends are starting to get married and have kids, meanwhile I am happily a single mom to my two dogs. For the first time I am having to navigate being the only single person in my friend group and it can be har sometimes. So in today's episode I am sharing with you how I have learned to navigate this new dynamic in my friend groups. Single ladies, this one is for you!

Today I discuss:

  • Making new friends- this in no way means you shouldn't stay friend with people once they move into a new phase of life but it is also nice to have freinds that you can relate to
  • Recognize that friendships evolve- your friends life now includes another person so learn to adapt and be okay with being the third-wheel sometimes
  • Set boundaries- communicate your needs to your friends and let them know when you just need girl time and in turn be respectful of their boundaries and understand sometimes they're going to do strictly couple things
  • Reach out- it doesn't matter who texts first as long as the feeling is reciprocated. Couples get connection at home meanwhile single people have to seek it out so if you need interaction, just reach out
  • Be mindful of their situation- don't ask your friends with kids out on a school night or ask your married friend out to do something you know their partner wouldn't be okay with
  • Be willing to compromise- you as a single person have a lot more free time than people with obligations to other so be willing to work around them and compromise when you can

I know it can often feel like you're being left behind when your friends start to reach all of these huge milestones in their lives and you might find yourself comparing your life to theirs, just remember we are all on our own path and their is no timeline. Your life doesn't start when you get married or have a kid so enjoy this season your in, your time will come.

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