Low Buy Year

Growth and Goals Podcast

Dec 4 2023 • 26 mins

I don't know about you, but for me, money has been tight lately. On top of that, between Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales your girl was influenced and made some impulse purchases. Wanting to improve my spending habits it something I have been working on for a while but after this last month of excessive spending I decided enough was enough and I am going to do a low buy year for 2024. So if yyou are wanting to do a low buy period of time or if you're just curious how I will be implementing it, this episode is for you.

I wanted to make sure I went into this challenge with a good minset because even though I over spent and impulse shopped this is not me punushing myself for bad financial decisions, this is simply learning to be more appreciative for the things I do have and actually using them.

Also it is important to me that this is a lifestyle change so I wanted to make it sustainable which is why I made room for exceptions because I believe if things truly bring you joy they are worth the money. All that to say, if you are planning to do this challenge with me I want to encourage you to be realistice and kind to yourself while doing so.

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