Solo Date Ideas

Growth and Goals Podcast

Feb 5 2024 • 24 mins

It's February, which for many is a month of love, but as a single al that can be kind of hard. Whether you're happy being single or feeling a bit lonely I want to encourage you to intentionally date yourself this month and be your own Valentine.

I've seen a lot of solo date date ideas going around on TikTok lately and a lot of them have just been grabbing a coffee and going to Target, and don't get me wrong that sounds like a fun day, but there is a difference between romanticizing something like errands and intentionally dating yourself for the purpose of getting to know yourself better.

So I want to challenge you to be incredibly intentional with your solo dates. If you're just getting started with solo dates and you're feeling awkward and uncomfortable with the idea, go check out Episode 110: Date Yourself Instead for tips on how to get cofortable being out on your own.

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