Therapy Dupes

Growth and Goals Podcast

Nov 13 2023 • 19 mins

We all struggle with our mental health from time to time so I wanted to share with you some therapy dupes that can help you reduce anxiety and stress, alleviate depression, and increace happiness and overall well-being. So whether you have been down in the dumps lately or you're just wanting to stay on top of your mental well-being this episode is for you.

In this episode I discuss:

  • Cleaning and organizing your space- your physical space is a physical manifestation of your mental state. If you've been feeling overwhelmed and stressed cleaning your space is a great way to gain a sense of control, it has a calming effect and gives you a sense of accomplishment and purpose
  • Getting outside- a study in the UK found that getting outdoors for as little as two hours a week can have amazing benefits for your well-being. So start gardening, play fetch with your dog, go for a walk or just sit outside. Whatever you do getting some sun in everyday will be so beneficial for your mental health
  • Exercise- we all no exercise is great for our physical health but it has so many mental health benefits too. Whether you struggle with anxiety, depression or ADHD exercise can help alleviate the symptoms of so many mental health struggles
  • Self-care- it's so much more than just the latest tik tok tred, self-care is a commitment to yourself to start meeting your own need, so take time each day to check in with yourself and do something for you

While these tips are great for improving your mental health I want to remind you that there is absolutely no shame in needing help, needing medication, or struggling with your mental health. I have been in therapy for years and think everyone can benefit from it so if you need extra help I want to encourage you to seek it. We all struggle sometimes, it's okay and you're not alone.

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