Growth Goals: One Thing For Your Mental Health

Growth and Goals Podcast

Jan 18 2024 • 17 mins

It's 2024! We're kicking off this year with a 5-week series where each episode will be a deep dive on one of the Growth Goals. Growth Goals are the 5 things you should do every single day to show up as the best version of you and achieve your goals, for more info on Growth Goals check out episode 25. But today's episode we're discussing the Growth Goal, one thing for your mental health.

I have been on a journey for YEARS, but for the longest time I didn't incorporate mental health practices into my daily life. I have been in therapy for years and my therapist would give me habits, coping mechanisms, or tips that I just wouldn't do and then wondered why I wasn't getting better. It wasn't until I started making taking care of my mental health a part of my every day life that I really started to see changes and feel so much better.

In today's episode I share small things that you can do every day to improve your mental health. These are things that have helped me immensely to completely change the way I think, pull myself out of dark places and grow so much as a person. With that being said, I am not a mental health professional, and if you are really struggling with your mental health I want to encourage you to reach out to a professional and get the help you need.

If you haven't already make sure and go back and listen to the previous episodes in this Growth Goals series and make sure to come back for the rest of the month for a deep dive on the rest of the Growth Goals!

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