How To Live a Soft Life

Growth and Goals Podcast

Oct 23 2023 • 20 mins

Lately I have wanted to live a softer life, especially as we move into fall and winter, I am looking to slow down, reduce stress and focus on prioritizing my peace, comfort, mindfulness and well-being. If that sounds like the kind of life you want to live then today's episode is for you!

So, what is a "soft-life"? Well it's the exact opposite of a hard life, it's a philosophy that rebells against girl boss culture, the constant hustle and grind culture and the mentality that your worth is directly correlated to your productivity.

Now that's not to say that people living a soft-life are lazy, unproductive and don't have goals. Itt is simple an apprach to life that allows you to pursue goals and be productive while giving yourself grace, prioritizing peace and nurturing yourself along the way.

A soft life will look different for everybody but if you're wanting to move into a soft season it is important to get your mindset right first by learning to reject the struggle, release the guilt around putting yourself first and redefining success to align with what's right for you.

It is my hope that these tips help you to live a more balanced life with comfort, joy and calmness. I think we should all try to embrace self care, meaningful work and connections and delight in all life has to offer.

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