Ep 38: The Neuroscience of Learning Part 2

Marking the Role

Feb 5 2024 • 36 mins

Teacher training spends a great deal of time on diversity, inclusion and equity, yet omits probably the most important component of education: The neuroscience of learning.

This episode takes you through the basic science of learning and retention. It looks at a school exercise program called ‘SPARK’ started in 2008 by Dr John Ratey that continues to change the way many schools in the USA operate.

We then talk to Ben Couchman, a fitness and exercise expert as to how to motivate and keep young people active to improve their school results, lift their mood and keep anxiety away.

(00:00) Introduction by host - Phil Dye

(06:12) Part of TED talk by Dr John Ratey from The Spark Project: YouTube link HERE.

(14:53) Interview with Ben Couchman, exercise and fitness coach from COUCHY'S TOTAL FITNESS: Email ben_bec02@aapt.net.au

(31:25) Declaration of Biological Truth Australia promotion. https://declarationofbiologicaltruth.au/

(32:16) Rest of Interview with Ben Couchman

(35:28) Wind up by Phil Dye


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