Participation Medals - Yes or No?

The School Run

Oct 17 2022 • 27 mins

What values should be promote in our children?

This is the main theme of the episode and below you will see some of the topics that I will cover

  • The education system is too heavy on data
  • PE is underavalued.
  • My many hats as a governor, parent, business owner, former secondary school PE teacher
  • Winning vs Losing
  • Medals for participation. My thoughts on this
  • Should we celebrate winning?
  • Steven Biddulph raising girls
  • Other values.  Work ethic, kindness, empathy, resilience
  • Resilience vs winning.
  • What happens when it’s time to get a job or start a business or try to be a professional sportsperson
  • Parents evening at secondary - They would rather listen to Brad the coach with his team winning 7-0 every week!
  • What happened when our school team started to lose?
  • English and Maths aren’t everything.
  • Maths isn’t for everyone.
  • I actually did well at school, not amazing, some A’s, B’s, couple of C’s and an A* for PE!
  • The main reasons behind where I am now?  Work ethic and resilience!


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