282 – Runnin’ Down a Rout

The Prancing Pony Podcast

Mar 5 2023 • 2 hrs 6 mins

Imrahil and Gandalf save the day, along with Faramir’s body; who will ride out to save Alan and Matt? Join us as we follow Gandalf’s Magic Flashlight™, as we near the end of The Siege of Gondor! Gandalf is unveiled, Imrahil has words for Denethor, the Witch-king’s forces prepare, and Denethor abdicates his role. Once again, we are joined by our favorite pedant and military historian, Bret Deveraux, who teaches us all we could ever want to know about siege warfare (which is a lot). Finally, we spend far too much time working out what Denethor saw in the palantír, and what Barad-dûr’s HR department is like.

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