290 – Beautiful Day

The Prancing Pony Podcast

May 7 2023 • 1 hr 42 mins

Éomer forms a final shield-wall and thinks of songs that will never be sung; Alan and Shawn offer to gladly butcher, uh, sing those songs. Join us as the appearance of black sails thrills the forces of Sauron right up until it doesn’t, on the last of our episodes on The Battle of the Pelennor Fields. We cry at the sudden joyous turn, discuss Rohirric aphorisms, and admire Tolkien’s rolled ‘R’s. We spend way too long on a sidebar about the Elendilmir and say goodbye to Shawn again. Finally, we decide to call the legal specialists at 1-800-OATHS4U to negotiate our way out of Middle-earth oaths.

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