(#219) Embracing Fear & Identifying Your Blind Spots with Alexis McCloskey.

The Queen of Pep Talks

Dec 16 2022 • 1 hr 2 mins

On today's episode of the Queen of Pep Talks podcast, Jessica is chatting with Alexis McCloskey, a Business Clarity Coach who focuses on helping entrepreneurs find their blindspots so they can be more successful in their businesses.  Alexis shares how she has successfully pivoted multiple times in her online business; including starting over on Instagram.  She also discusses so many different aspects of creating a success mindset, including: leaning into fear, giving up people pleasing, letting go of all-or-nothing thinking, creating consistency and so much more.  If you're a woman who's craving more success in her life and business, this episode is a must listen.  XO

If you'd like to connect with Alexis, you can do so below:
Instagram: @thetoughlovecoach
Podcast: XOXO, Your Tough Love Coach (launching on all major platforms Monday, December 19th)

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(03:33) Interview with Alexis