🎤What makes Figma the ultimate tool for this veteran designer?

Down and Dirty with Dr. T.

Feb 8 2024 • 47 mins

In this episode of Down & Dirty, Omkar Mahimkar walks us through his creative process as the Lead UX Designer at Motilal Oswal. With a storied career spanning 18 years, Omkar has created sophisticated design solutions for brands such as Hungama, Pepperfry, and even the Kolkata Knight Riders!

Omkar’s design tool of choice is Figma which, in addition to its seamless collaborative capacities, allows him to build an impressive library of design components to deploy rapidly across various projects.

With all the tools out there vying for attention, Figma seems to have nailed the formula that empowers Omkar to gracefully walk the line between manager and designer.

Watch our episode this week closely to get a deep dive into Omkar’s love for nested hierarchies and how Figma scratches his itch of designing “clean, consistent, and simple interfaces for high user satisfaction.”

Tune into the full episode now.

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Chapters: 0:00 - Introduction 0:42 - A day in his life as a designer 2:23 - How does he divide his time between designing and managing? 3:26 - What is the most and least rewarding part of his work as a designer? 6:37 - What tools has he used over the years? 11:18 - How is Figma different from Adobe XD? 12:25 - What does Figma allow him to do well? 14:28 - Screenshare: He shows us his process of using Figma 23:03 - Screenshare: What is the importance of using templates and organisation in his work? 24:53 - Screenshare: What other features does he want to highlight in Figma? 32:24 - Where does Figma fall short? 40:21 - Who would he recommend Figma to? 44:06 - Final thoughts