Shobha Vasudevan Speaks About Change In Marketing

Mrigashira Podcast

11-05-2022 • 16 mins

Shobha Vasudevan, Head-Enterprise Communications And PR at Dell speaks to Charu Raizada in this episode of Mrigashira about change in marketing. She talks about how b2b and b2c marketing has changed in these years. An insightful conversation on the meaning of segment of one. Decade ago, business communication, or b2b was mainly about boxes and speeds and feeds. But now it’s more beyond that. What it can do for you what it can do for your enterprise. How it can make you more efficient more productive and more competitive. These are the shift in communication which has happened in recent times. “Usually B2C marketing is on an individual level, B2B marketing is now moving to a segment of one”.Shobha Vasudevan Dell is an essential company for the data era. Dell stores, re-processes, moves, protects indeed more data than almost anyone. Actually, half of the world’s mission critical data is on a Dell technology platform. So with this vast amount of data, probably, fuel