Vinayak Raman Sharma On Sustainable Farming In India

Mrigashira Podcast

04-05-2022 • 19 mins

How can an effective communication strategy boost the prospects of sustainable farming in India and why is it so important to communicate the idea of sustainable farming? In this episode of Mrigashira Anisha Nayar Dhawan talks to Vinayak Raman Sharma, President and Business Head, Seedworks International Private Limited, about the power and technique of sustainable farming and how it can impact agri scenario in India. The location of conversation when you are designing a program is very, very importantVinayak Raman Sharma It’s very important to understand about farming. One part is farming sustainability and then comes the effective communication strategy part. When we say farming, it does not only mean the crops or cultivation of crops. Even when you talk about crops, there are multiple crops. Cereal, oil seeds, pulses, vegetables – All of these are crops. Farming also includes the dairy which includes cattle and other animals. There is a horticulture also. There is