Ep 206 Why Hobbies are so Hard and You Need One Anyway

Boldly Becoming You

Dec 13 2023 • 49 mins

Doom scrolling IG and binge-ing New Girl and Schitt’s Creek are not hobbies or special interests 😉 my friend. But if you're like me, or Brandon, you have a complicated relationship with fun, creativity and "leisure time" because ...like who has time for that?

In the long-term, not having activities that are exclusively for your joy or pleasure will 100% land you in burnout. And not just the I’m tired and unmotivated stage, the full-fledged body shutting down, chronic health issues burnout.

Research shows that the long-term benefits of hobbies drastically improve your quality of life and longevity. In the short term, you get to bring new energy and inspiration to your relationships, your work, your clients, your art.

In this episode, we cover 3 specific signs it is absolutely time to discover some hobbies AND the practicality of having hobbies with your perfectionist dysregulation and limited energy.

If you are someone who has a successful business, you know you can make the hard stuff happen - you've been doing it your whole life but the easy stuff like hobbies and enjoying your days feels hard - you need to schedule a clarity call.

Whether you want to etch glass, take walks wandering your area, crochet wobbles or write poetry, we're ready to help you make 2024 the year you put YOU back at the top of the to-do list.