Ep 213 The BEST List You’ll Ever Make

Boldly Becoming You

Feb 16 2024 • 57 mins

If you’re a list maker, note taker, or a to-do guru then you KNOW that if it’s not on a list, it ain’t happ’nin.

So then why oh why does everyone get all weird when we bring up the topic of Vision Boards?

…is it maybe because they have been turned into this big scary expectation of happily ever after or else?

Or maybe it’s because no one ever told you how you are actually supposed to use the damn thing.

In this episode we talk about how to unlock the magic of your vision boards so you can fully unlock them as the powerful tool they are (hint: you just move ‘em around)

Ps. it’s not “magic,” it’s nueroscience that makes so much sense.

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