Ep 209 2024 Word of the Year and How to Use It

Boldly Becoming You

Jan 17 2024 • 41 mins

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but almost all of the 2024 new year content on social media is basically gone. That’s because all of that “New Year, New You” crap is all based on the idea of having everything PERFECTLY mapped out all before January 1st.

At R & R, we know that expecting yourself to have your entire year perfectly planned and ready to go by the end of December is based on a bunch of arbitrary rules that throws perfectionists into anxiety fueled fight/flight survival mode.

You’ve got a real life and rarely, if ever, does it line up with a calendar.

Today's episode is all about picking a word/intention for the year. It came out mid-month because you deserve the time and grace to join the party when you are ready and able.

The intention behind picking a word of the year is to have a mental filter to align yourself and your actions with. With that chosen word, you create a guiding principle to keep coming back to, and make decisions with, no matter what kind of weird shit happens between now and 12 months from now.

Picking a word for the year isn’t a brand new concept, but…do you actually know how to use your word of the year so that it's not just some woowoo exercise you forget about in a week?

In this episode we talk about what our words are and why we chose them, but also what the hell to do with them next.

DM us on IG with your word so we can celebrate with you!

And if you want to use this word as a spring board to create a year that you become the boldest, truest version of you, book your clarity call here today.

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