Ep 202 She almost threw in the towel...

Boldly Becoming You

Nov 9 2023 • 1 hr 17 mins

Nell was fed up with her business being so hard, waking up with her heart racing, pressure in her chest and flushed with anxiety and panic as she launched into action to get her business WORKING. Her confidence was on a roller coaster, depending on how her social media content was performing, and she was angry, flooded with emotion and was close to throwing in the towel despite having a solid foundation of engaged and aligned followers AND having had genuine success in selling her courses and programs in thepast.

Nell's post-concussion syndrome, ADHD, fluctuating hormones from her monthly cycle and chronic dysregulation had her stressed and anxious, operating in full-on masculine energy, draining her and leaving no room for inspiration.

But Nell joins us in today's episode to talk about her transformational experience in our 5 Essential Pivots program. She talks about how she found her footing, the new relationship that has her glowing, how she feels about her business today and her exciting next season of expansion.

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