Ep 207 I Stormed Out of Therapy (in complete denial)

Boldly Becoming You

Dec 19 2023 • 24 mins

If you’re like I was, a successful business owner making 6 figures for multiple years, but thinking that one more hour, one more call, one more post was going to be the thing that makes or breaks your business, you need to listen to this episode.

I share a very personal story about a distressing couples' therapy session that had me REELING, raging and angry sobbing the rest of the day. But ultimately, was the catalyst for so much growth, healing and expansion into a life I am grateful to live now.

Since then, I've learned to stop beating myself up for making the "wrong" decisions, have gotten crystal clear on what, and who, the non-negotiables are in my daily life and allowed myself to explore fun and what play looks like in my life without guilt.

If this episode resonates with you, schedule your clarity call to see if our 5 Essential Pivots program is the right fit for you. We can answer your questions and see if we all mesh. And if so, you'll be well on your way to breaking free from that toxic hustle culture to find your joy and inspiration, while still making bank.

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