Ep 205 Comments from Internet Mean Girls turned into LOVE

Boldly Becoming You

Nov 27 2023 • 55 mins

In this episode, Brandon shares part of his journey to create his first 2 originals in his clothing line. You'll hear the story behind the Introvert Hoodie and the power of having art you can wear that speaks to your needs and desires.

Plus, how mean girls on the internet started a ripple of love and authenticity to Brandon's self-expression this year adding more validation and affirmation for the genderqueer layer of their identity. "The BB Pullover is a love letter to Tasha" and in this episode, you'll hear why.

You can still pre-order your Introvert Hoodies and the BB Pullover here

Check out The Trevor Project

And Brandon's viral reel that launched the BB Pullover

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