How to pick the right Psychics, Astrologers, and Tarot Readers

Lightworkers Lounge with Stephanie Powers

Jun 16 2021 • 23 mins

We often turn to spirituality when we reach a low point in life. Trauma, grief, confusion... these are all emotions that typically push us to turn to spiritual, unseen forms of life for help and guidance. This can be a beautiful thing, but can also knock us off our path, so to speak, if we don't go into these readings rooted in who we are, rooted in our own intuition.

As a psychic/intuitive/Astrologer myself, I tell you exactly how to find a good reader, how to take what you need and leave the rest. We also talk about how to avoid wasting time/money on readers that may not resonate with you.

This episode idea come to me last minute, as is often the case when there's a message the collective really needs to hear. I hope my words in this serve you well

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