Mesilithia - Prologue

Mesilithia Book Series

Jun 14 2022 • 6 mins

Mesilithia the first of 6 books in the Mesilithia Book Series.

Mesilithia is the first of a fantasy book series that will draw you in and take you to another world. In modern day Texas, David and Katie's lives are turned upside down by a stranger who attacks them and kidnaps Katie. David follows them, hoping to save his wife, only to find that the wife he once knew no longer exists... Come along for the adventure of a lifetime, with Katie, David and Lord Wicket, as they battle the evil Snites to reclaim the land and try to find a way home. Will David be able to win back his wife's heart, now that it belongs to Lord Wicket? Will they ever return home to their children? Or will they stay in Mesilithia forever?

Zalorthia: The Truth Revealed will be released later this year 2022.

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Mesilithia is written by KD Bryan, formerly, KD Delgado. The new name will be reflected on the next book in the series.