The Epilogue: Looking back at S2 of the Blume Podcast | Karthik Reddy and Rohit Kaul

Blume Podcast

Dec 14 2023 • 35 mins

We've reached the end of the road for the second season of the Blume Podcast, which was championed by its theme: the power of compounding.
Karthik and Rohit discuss, analyse, and deconstruct their favourite moments from the season, which featured stalwarts like Manish Sabharwal, Nithin Kamath, and Radhika Gupta.
They haven't just built companies. But rather, institutions, in their own right.
Understand why Karthik encourages everyone at Blume to listen to all episodes, his utmost belief in step-function compounding, and how every founder journey is inherently unique, even if it bears similarity with others.
It's been a true pleasure bringing you these conversations across industries, sectors, and domains.
Tune in for episode ten, and see you very soon again!