Downfall Of Bihar, Politics, Crime, Mafia, 900Cr Scam & Lalu Yadav - Mrityunjay Sharma | FO 217 Raj Shamani

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Jun 20 2024 • 1 hr 26 mins

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(00:00) - Introduction (02:27) - People ashamed of being from Bihar (04:39) - Why Bihar is still the poorest state (12:06) - Why the book is called “Broken Promises” (20:30) - Bihar was as bad as Kashmir (26:04) - Why Bihar was called the “Jungle Raj” (30:05) - Shilpi & Gautam murder case of Patna (34:52) - On Bihar being run by individual “bahubalis” (38:05) - The terror of Mohammad Shahabuddin (44:37) - Why law & order never improved in Bihar (48:00) - The 900 crore scam in Bihar (56:44) - How the “bahubalis” were replaced after Lalu’s downfall (59:09) - Unique crime industries of Bihar (1:09:48) - On the alcohol “ban” in Bihar (1:11:41) - People stealing roads and lakes in Bihar (1:14:38) - Why Bihar’s image is worse than its reality (1:16:26) - Biharis being discriminated against in India (1:19:58) - On bureaucrats working in Bihar honestly, today (1:21:52) - The purpose of writing his book (1:24:54) - Thank you! In today’s episode, we have Mrityunjay Sharma in conversation with Raj Shamani. He is a Politician, an Entrepreneur, and an Author. He is also the Election Management Chief of BJP in Jharkhand. He has written a popular book- Broken Promises. In this episode, we talked about why many people from Bihar shy away from saying that they are from Bihar, and why while the rest of India was growing, Bihar remained poor. We then talked about what his book ‘Broken Promises’ meant and why Bihar was living a nightmare for 15 years. We also discussed how Lalu led Bihar to its downfall and all the scams he did, including the 900 crores ‘Chara Ghotala’. He shared the Rohini Acharya story and how she became a doctor and the ‘Gautam and Shilpi murder story’. We talked about the Bahubalis in Bihar, and what led to the downfall of Lalu Prasad Yadav. We then discussed the kidnapping and paper-leaking industries in Bihar, how roads, pools, trains, and bridges are robbed in Bihar, the story of Ranjit Don, and much more. For such interesting episodes, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. Follow Mrityunjay Sharma Here: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: Facebook:

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