Needs Assessments, Minute Meetings & PPRA

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Aug 8 2022 • 27 mins

If you've been a school counselor for a hot second, you know that the chatter at the beginning of the school year in August and September almost always centers around these two things: needs assessments and minute meetings.

How do I administer a needs assessment?
What questions do I ask?
What do I do with the information once I have it?
What's a minute meeting?

We've got you!

In this episode, we'll break down :
- what needs assessments and minute meetings are and how they're administered
- why you may not need- or want- to do either!
- characteristics of effective and meaningful surveys
- PPRA and how it can really limit the ethical use of needs assessments

Our goal at School for School Counselors is to help school counselors stay on fire, make huge impacts for students, and catalyze change for our roles through grassroots advocacy and collaboration. Listen to get to know more about us and our mission, feel empowered and inspired, and set yourself up for success in the wonderful world of school counseling.

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