E 93: Ron Koenigsberg - Power Broker: How to Succeed In Life And Business

The Massimo Show

Feb 23 2024 • 29 mins

On this episode of the Massimo Show

Rod sits down with Ron Koenigsberg, Founder & President at American Investment Properties, a successful Long Island Broker with 30 years experience in the commercial real estate brokerage industry.

As Ron recalled the pathway to his start in commercial real estate he stated that he “[wished] everything was a straight path… but there are lessons to be learned that are probably never in a straight path, and you certainly have to have a little bit of resilience along the way.”

Ron describes his journey from growing up in Long Island and watching his father survey buildings and construction sites, through his time in college, first jobs, and the eventual decision to establish his own firm, American Investment Properties.

Rod goes on to ask Ron what’s the one common thread that allowed him to not only succeed, but thrive during the market cycles over the years? Ron responded that he attributes his success to two factors, his call counts and his coaching from The Massimo Group.

Ron recounts a time in his career when he was scared, he was making a lot of calls, but business had come to a halt. After seeing an advertisement for The Massimo Group, Ron encountered James Nelson and asked him if The Massimo Group was really worth it, since it was expensive!

Ron was a successful broker, “but [he didn’t] know what [he didn’t] know.” After 10 years with The Massimo Group, Ron stated that “It changed my life. Within five years, I went from really losing money or just getting by to… Broker of The Year… and I won the MVP (The Massimo Group’s Most Valuable Producer award) bat on the back of my book.”

Rod then goes on to ask Ron what the foundations to his success are? Ron immediately replied with relationships, daily phone calls, and reaching out to his prospects, especially through face to face communication and active listening. Ron notes that while social media is important, it’s also a double edged sword. 93% of the essential parts of how we communicate, per an FBI study in the 1970s and 1980s, never come through with the use of technology.

Lastly, they discuss Ron’s new book, Power Broker: How to Succeed In Life And Business. This is an essential mindset book for any broker on how to attack everyday, especially if you’re feeling stuck, questioning what to do, or are plateaued. It details 9 skills that Ron believes are essential for making people successful. You can find Ron’s book on Amazon, Audible or at www.RonKoenigsberg.com.

Note: These highlights are designed to provide an overview of this episode’s content. Listeners are encouraged to tune in to the full episode for a comprehensive understanding of the topics covered.

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