Ep 7: Steps to Take Before You Leave a Job and Start Your Own Thing

Thinking Vitamins

21-04-2022 • 27 mins

Have you been thinking of leaving your job and starting your own business? Have you known for some time that your job is not serving you but staying because you haven't known what to do instead or because you feel loyal to someone at work?

Thanks to the COVID pandemic, 2021 was dubbed the year of the Great Resignation. Yet, despite how many have left, some of you remain on the fence, feeling unappreciated, toying with starting a business, but staying where you are because you're uncertain of what to do next.

Our society is long overdue for a "Great Rejuvenation": a time where we are all valued for our contributions at work and get opportunities to contribute to society in ways that feed our souls and our bank accounts.

If the idea of starting your own business has been on your mind, but you don't know where to start, in this episode, you'll learn:

➡ steps to take before leaving your current employment

➡ a soul searching, self-reflection activity to help you define what you want next

➡ a simple way to come up with your idea for a viable business

Enjoy the show.


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