Tech Like a PIRATE: Using Classroom Technology to Create an Experience and Make Learning Memorable with Matt Miller - BWB009

Books With Bagby

Sep 7 2022 • 24 mins

In this chapter I sit down with the amazing Matt Miller.

Matt Miller is the author of six books. He has spent more than a decade teaching technology-infused lessons in public schools. As an author, blogger and education speaker, he encourages teachers to free their teaching and revolutionize their classrooms with mindset, techniques and curriculum to serve today's learners. With thousands of subscribers and visitors from more than 100 countries, Matt's blog,, is a well-respected source of ideas and insights about educational technology and creative teaching.

You can find Matt all over the web at:

Ditch That Text Book

Twitter: @JMattMiller

Insta: @DitchThatTextBook