Cool Corporate NFT Projects

NFTs Made Simple

Jul 20 2022 • 27 mins

There is a reason why big brands like Nike, Adidas, Coca-Cola, and McDonald’s stay on top of their game. They innovate.

Launching their own NFT projects, iconic brands introduce new ways for their audience to get on board the NFT and cryptocurrency fleet. Whether it’s releasing an image of uniquely designed shoes, featuring a token that shows a new dish on their menu, or unveiling digital collectibles used in metaverse platforms, massive businesses acknowledge the lucrative possibilities of digital technology’s future.

These projects also provide benefits for investors aside from digital ownership. They can have lifetime access to exclusive events and they can also conveniently purchase more products that these brands sell. By putting their customers’ needs first, these companies pave the way for inclusive growth and progress.


Nike Dunk Genesis Cryptokicks:

Adidas Originals:

McDonald’s McRib:

Coca-Cola’s NFT Collectibles:

Salesforce NFT Cloud:

Louis Vuitton’s Louis the Game:

Samsung TV screen-based NFT explorer:


0:00 Introduction

3:08 Innovation Is Taking Place

4:11 Nike Dunk Genesis Cryptokicks

5:50 Digital Assets vs. Products

8:05 Adidas NFTs

15:00 Supply and Demand

16:15 Airdrop

20:50 Salesforce

24:40 Louis Vuitton’s Game

25:55 Samsung’s NFT Explorer

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