Is Zuckerberg's Metaverse a Failure?

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Sep 27 2022 • 22 mins

Virtual reality is getting integrated into people’s lives sooner than anyone can predict. With Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta being at the forefront of this new digital revolution, this technology is going to change the way people live, connect, communicate, and do business the same way that social media has changed the world.

Despite the backlash that Zuckerberg receives from critics, he and his company are taking great leaps in improving the quality of Horizon Worlds, Meta’s metaverse platform. In his recent appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience, he unveiled plans about the progress they made to make Horizon Worlds conveniently accessible for users.

But like social media platforms, there will be a variety of metaverse spaces to choose from. How one stands out depends on the user experience and the impact it will have on anyone.



0:00 Introduction

1:20 Mark Zuckerberg shares Meta’s plans with Joe Rogan

2:20 Where the Metaverse is headed

6:06 Mark’s contribution to social media

8:12 What is Meta’s Horizon Worlds like?

13:29 How does one feel when visiting Horizon Worlds?

15:20 The user experience matters.

18:40 The Metaverse technology innovates faster than you think.

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