NFTs are Alive and Well - DR ADAM SCHEINER

NFTs Made Simple

Oct 19 2022 • 38 mins

The metaverse opens new possibilities for people to communicate with each other and for innovations to thrive. The benefits of the metaverse are not exclusive to the tech industry. Medicine also paves new ways of treatment through the virtual platform.

In this episode, Adam Scheiner takes Mark and Dragon on a virtual tour of his mansion. As a plastic surgeon, Adam finds ways to innovate treatments for a variety of conditions to achieve lasting results. Considering the potentials of the metaverse and virtual reality, Adam got involved with the tech industry, marrying both medicine and technology.

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0:00 Introduction
4:50 Adam Scheiner’s plastic surgery innovations
7:00 Adam’s explorations with metaverse
9:00 Adam’s projects
17:22 The Spatial App
22:26 Nature of NFTs
26:00 The benefits of QR codes
31:22 Augmented reality
34:37 Self-development and personal growth
37:47 Reach out to Dr. Scheiner


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