ANTHONY MONGIELLO - Bulls and Apes - Gamification with NFTs

NFTs Made Simple

Feb 3 2023 • 32 mins

Anthony Mongiello is the co-founder and DEO of the Bulls and Apes Project. Bulls and Apes is an innovative NFT collection that combines creativity, gamification, and story to create raving fans.

Anthony had a background in the insurance industry, which he found to be boring. When he heard people like Mark Cuban and Gary Vee talking about blockchain and NFTs, he became obsessed with the idea of digital ownership and removing gatekeepers and intermediaries. He wanted to be part of the 1% of people preparing for this major cultural shift.

The Bulls and Apes project keeps users engaged by creating a layer of complexity. The relationship doesn’t end at NFT purchase, it begins. By combining lore, tokenization, and a money back guarantee, it creates an environment that is easy to start, but very deep as you get more vested in the project.


Add gaming, collecting, and story to your NFT creates raving fans
Collecting fuels creativity
Rewarding holders of NFTs is important


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