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NFTs Made Simple

Feb 27 2023 • 50 mins

Charlton Haupt is the founder of the Bad Astro Society, an ambitious NFT project with the goal of sending 10,000 people to outer space. He got his entrepreneurial start at a young age, with involvement in many business ventures.

Charlton saw great success with a Liberty Tax business he opened. His brother introduced him to NFTs and their potential for new revenue streams. Charlton realized, through NFTs, creators and artists could receive royalties from each sale. He could build a community of people passionate about space travel. After bridging the gap between the cryptocurrency and space travel worlds, Charlton and his team are well on their way to making their dream a reality.

This episode is an examination into the possibilities NFTs open. If you’re curious how NFTs and Web 3 technology could open new revenue streams, this episode is for you.

PS: If NFTs seem complicated, listen to my simple walkthrough of definitions here:


- NFTs are a new, uniquely powerful way to generate revenue
- Easy to create a royalty structure
- Risk tolerance in the web3 market


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“I don't want to be enslaved to the grind. I don't want to build my own prison cell. I don't want to sacrifice my family on the altar of success in business. Shrink back in fear or buck up and get after it - the choice is yours!" - Charlton Haupt

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