Stitching Geeky Wonders: Celine's Sewing Journey | Oh Sew Geeky on Makers Unleashed

Makers Unleashed

Jul 11 2023 • 18 mins

We meet Celine (and Argo), the creator of "Oh Sew Geeky." She crafts unique geek-inspired accessories like scrunchies, purses, coffee cozies, and tote bags using materials with comic book, Marvel, DC, and action-hero movie patterns.

Brenda explores Celine's creative process, learning about her design inspiration and sewing techniques. Celine's passion for crafting and geek culture shines through as she discusses fabric selection and intricate sewing details.

Don't miss this interview if you're a superhero movie fan, comic book enthusiast, or simply love geek culture. Be inspired to express your geeky love with handmade accessories. Tune in to discover Celine's imaginative and stylish creations and unleash your creativity.