Polly Pousta Creations -Angie's Sea Glass, Pebble and Driftwood Art

Makers Unleashed

May 26 2023 • 18 mins

Welcome to the podcast, where we dive into the fascinating world of creativity and craftsmanship. In today's episode, we have an exhilarating new segment called "Makers Unleashed," hosted by Brenda from Dusty Workbench.

Join us as Brenda sits down with the incredibly talented Angie from Polly Pousta. Prepare to be amazed as Angie takes us on a journey through her extraordinary art, where she skillfully transforms nature's treasures—such as sea glass, stones, and driftwood—into breathtaking masterpieces.

Through this captivating conversation, we'll explore Angie's artistic process and how she harnesses her creativity. But that's not all! Angie also shares her expertise in designing SVG files for laser-cut creations, offering insights that will leave you inspired and eager to embark on your own artistic ventures.

Tune in to this episode and immerse yourself in the beauty of natural mediums, as we celebrate the boundless possibilities of artistic expression. Get ready to unleash your own creativity alongside Brenda and Angie in this mesmerizing podcast episode.