#51. Innovating Apparel with 0 Prior Experience, Growing up in a Foreign Country, and More with Brandon Rogers (founder of LVLS Sportswear)

The Playhard Podcast

Apr 14 2023 • 1 hr 11 mins

As a D3 basketball player, Brandon knew his problem from very early on:

Sportswear is boring.

Anyone can come along and slap a logo on a dry-fit tee and make their own brand. To truly separate himself from the pack, he knew he had to differentiate. Big time.

So he made his clothes asymmetrical.

In this episode, we talk about how he journals every day of his founder journey, hearing feedback on the different uses of his product, and an old war veteran who set up the sweetest fishing spot of all time!

Check it out.


Show Notes:

(13:50) - Journaling the journey since Day1

(27:10) - Aggressive patience

(32:00) - Listen to the market: finding alternate uses for your product

(51:42) - The ultimate fishing setup (hidden Canadian lakes)



* https://lvlssportswear.com/

* @lvlssportswear

* @brogers111


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