#54. Inspiring a YouTube Community, Running a Print Shop, and How to Hustle Smarter with Bhavik Dhanak (founder of Aesthetic Imprints)

The Playhard Podcast

May 5 2023 • 40 mins

No Grind, No Glory.

Those are the words Bhavik “Baav” Dhanak lives by.

He started a print shop at age 16, and now runs an online and brick-and-mortar custom imprint store!

Baav started watching YouTube videos for screenprinting, then quickly realized he was better off posting content himself. Now, he’s one of the top screen printing YouTubers out!

Check out this episode if you’re interested in time management skills, YouTube, and digital marketing by content creating, and hustling hard at an early age.


Show Notes:

(06:30) - Time management skills

(11:16) - Learning from a YouTube community, then being a part of it

(17:37) - People overthink posting content



* aestheticimprints.com

* Insta: @baavproductions, @aestheticimprints

* https://www.youtube.com/@baavproductions


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